Instruments for Sound & Vibration

Architectural acoustics

Building skin envelope


The building envelope is a functional and complex living surface. It fulfills a diversity of aspects, such as: aesthetics and representation, communication, safety and regulation of the external climate for attaining interior comfort. The latter is becoming increasingly important nowadays, since it involves the economical use of energy and natural resources to be achieved.

Building acoustic

The Uniform Building Code (UBC) requires architects to meet minimum acoustical standards for the construction of partitions and floors. However, property owners frequently discover that building codes for both multi-family residences and office complexes are inadequate to effectively isolate noise and vibration from one unit to the next or within individual units.Because correcting code deficiencies […]

Room Acoustic

When not properly designed, large halls, theaters, churches, and meeting rooms can exhibit a variety of acoustical problems, including echoing, booming, and high ambient noise levels. Many of these problems can be predicted and measured through reverberation time studies, which establish sound decay time in an enclosed area. Desirable reverberation time allows frequency components to […]

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