Instruments for Sound & Vibration

Vibration level meters & analysers

SV 106 Human Vibration Meter & Analyser


SV 106 This revolutionary, pocket-size instrument enables simultaneous measurements with two triaxial accelerometers (e.g. both-hands vibration or triaxial SEAT transmission measurements are possible).   FEATURES Human Vibration measurements meeting ISO 8041:2005, ISO 2631-1,2&5 (including VDV and MTVV) and ISO 5349 Six channels for acceleration (IEPE type) and two channels for static force measurements Whole-Body measurements: […]

SVAN 979 Sound & Vibration Analyser


SVAN 979 is the most advanced and powerful single channel instrument for general acoustic and vibration measurements ever made. Instrument has super contrast colour display and user-friendly interface. SVAN 979 can record a raw audio data to micro SD flash card in WAV format. These exceptional features make SVAN 979 the leading product for measurements […]



VMID Measuring Points provide reliable magnetic coupling, identify the measuring point and set the instrument automatically. Condition monitoring of rotating and reciprocating machines to ISO 10816-1/-6 etc. Evaluation of roller bearing condition to VDI 3832 etc. (VM24 and VM25) Graphical trend display Frequency analysis (VM25) Non-contact rotation speed measurement with laser pointer (VM25) Infrared temperature […]

VM40A Triaxial Vibration Monitor


VM40 For structural vibration measurement to DIN 4150-3, BS 7385, SN 640312a and many other standards like Federal Transit Administration (FTA) standard. Includes high-sensitivity triaxial accelerometer, electronics for signal conditioning, monitoring, recording and battery Safe user guidance Measurement of main frequency by continuous FFT Time and event triggered recording for up to 100 000 measurements […]

SVAN 974 Vibration Level Meter & Analyser


SVAN 974 is a digital vibration level meter along with the analyser. Instrument is intended to general vibration measurements and machinery condition monitoring. It can be used by consultants, maintenance services, industry R&D departments etc.Instrument allows parallel acceleration, velocity and displacement measurements. Three vibration profiles allow parallel measurements with independently defined filters and RMS detector […]

SVAN 977 Sound & Vibration Analyser


SVAN 977 is the next generation of Type 1 sound & vibration instruments and is designed to meet the needs of both environmental monitoring and occupational health and safety monitoring specialists. Its exceptional hardware design also enables the measurement of ultra sound frequencies in the 40 kHz band.  FEATURES  Type 1 IEC 61672:2002 sound level […]

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