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CadnaA Environmental Noise Prediction Software

cadnaa CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise.
It can be used efficiently at any scale, starting with a few single receivers in a neighborhood up to noise mapping projects of entire countries. This works for various source types in fields of road-, railway-, aircraft-, and industrial noise.
  • Highly usable, yet flexible concept
  • Calculation according to various national, international or user defined standards and guidelines including ISO 9613
  • Fast calculations even for large projects due to multicore use and 64bit option
  • Calculation, assessment and presentation of air pollutant distribution
  • Modeling and calculation of industrial, traffic, and aircraft noise at different scales
  • Statistical evaluations of noise and other data
  • Flexible display and result output options
  • Variety of import/export formats e.g. DXF, SHP or bitmaps from Google Earth
  • Extremely powerful and extensive features for 3D visualization
  • Absorption and sound power data from user library or existing databases
  • Print preview output via any Windows ® compatible printer
  • Standard and user-defined printing
  • Calculation of noise contours around airports
  • Roads with track spacing and transverse slope on each point if desired. Bridges, barriers, and embankments
  • Industrial sources: possible input of sound power level (PWL), sound reduction index (for radiation from buildings), and attenuation (for silencer), single band or frequency spectrum
  • Train types input from stored global or local libraries, corrections for track type. includes bridges, crossings, and curved track
  • Auralization: audio playback of cars and trains passing by at selectable emission points
  • Special sources for power plants and other industries
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