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CadnaR Calculation and Assessment of Interior Sound

  CadnaR is the powerful software for calculation of noise in industrial halls as well as for planning of noise abatement measures in rooms with workplaces.

CadnaR was especially designed for the particular requirements of the following groups:

  • Acousticians.
  • Authorities with responsibility for Immission protection.
  • Architects (construction).
  • Architects (interior designer).
  • Research Facilities.
  • Manufacturers of building acoustics products.
  • Professionals who deal with office design.
  • Designer of electro-acoustic devices.

Some Applications

  • Determine noise impact at work spaces based on sophisticated calculation methods.
  • Use CadnaR to ensure that health and safety guidelines are followed within industrial facilities.
  • Calculate noise distribution in lecture- and conference rooms.
  • Optimize the acoustic design of recreation rooms or restaurants.
  • Calculate the acoustical effect of walls or acoustical panels with locally varying absorption.
  • Determine parameters describing the quality of room acoustics and other psychoacoustic parameters related to music and / or speech performances.
  • Plan different audio setups in multi – purpose halls according to uses (concerts, conferences, etc.) in just one file with different variants.
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